A Divine New Years: Cherry Torn.. Divinebitches 2019 Cherry Torn Collar, Slave


Combine Divine Goddess Cherry Torn in welcoming in the new Season.

Cherry has servant Marcelo to amuse her for the day. This pitiful man worm salivates at the notion of being calmed with a gorgeous buxom babe such as Cherry. And here is, gagged, jump to a St. Andrews Cross, and coated in clips and clamps. Cherry rakes her palms across her slaves body, flicking clips and inducing him to spin in misery. The slave screams as Cherry starts eliminating the clamps one . Cherry takes extra pleasure in yanking the clover clamps on his own balls and foreskin because her servant cries into the shadow. His cries make her laugh, and then she pulls all of the clamps off, then she strings him up by the ankles. He dangles from the air having an anal hook into his whore ass and a dildo gag placed on his mouth. Cherry enables him to utilize this dildo to fuck her perfect pink pussy, but his pace is pathetic, so she holds him by the collar and utilizes it to bounce on that cock. Her lucky slave gets a front row seat on Cherrys climaxes. Too bad that he can do is conceal her glorious cunt as she rams his face. Then Cherry fucks her servant with a long fat cock. She pounds his asshole because he whimpers like a pitiful little bitch. She shortly switches out her cock for her fist. This losers hole is really loose and stretched outside, Cherrys hand slips directly in. Her slave cries out behind his vet wrap hood because she fist-fucks him deep and nice. His sad sack slave body trembles as his bum has pummeled by Cherrys diving fist. Once satiated, Cherry catches a wooden 2×4 from her dungeon and smacks this slut till his ass is bright red. Laughing, she leaves him to the next Bitch to torment.

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