Jamie Seancody 2009 Jamie Jock, Solo


Jamie would like to become a Navy Seal.He only turned 19 and will be enlisting in the ceremony early next year.Until afterward, he says, he just wishes to get fun!Jamie is extremely friendly and hes kind of a show off. It had been his idea to do the squats at the living room wearing nothing but a jock strap!The huge story here is that Jamie came out with his own brother, whom we will be fulfilling shortly.They the two decided they wanted to do a movie so they took the same flight out.When I met with them, they were both grinning and happy and eager to please.We taken their videos on the exact times, and they were also equally extra curious as to how the opposite was doing.Once we obtained Jamie nude, our camera man asked him:”Ive been working with your brother. You know you’ve got bigger balls than himright?” (Jamie does have any huge hangers!) “Um, slightly, yeah,” he answered, shyly. “Do you think you have a bigger penis than he does?” “Uh, no,” he laughed. “So hes got the larger penis and youve got the larger balls?” “Yeah! “Too funny!

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