My right hand police girl Vicky Vixxx communicates me into an abandoned warehouse in which her intel said we´d locate the serial strangler. We pull out our hands g*s and enter through the door – I inform Vixxx to test upstairs once I pay the landing. I put in a closed door and listen to a sound behind me before I can turn my we*pon is pumped out of my hand and a garrote is twisted round my neck and pulled tight. I hit me to attempt to scratch his face, however the strangler is sporting a leather mask and my nails don’t deter him. I gasp for air and attempt to fight back however that he also tightens the garrote and that I slowly go out and down. He picks me up and places me on a chair and ties me to the seat with ropes around my ankles and knees and arms and elbows brutally bound behind my back. As I begin to wake up he XXXX a gag into my mouth and secures it with elastic bandage around my head. Since he slowly unbuttons my panties and exposes my tits groping and fondling me. I scream for my copy but my screams are muffled by the gag. He pulls up my skirt revealing my garters and stocking tops and touches my pussy. I continue to scream for Vixxx and I hear that her descending the staircase but my expectation fades when the masked guy finds her heels clicking into the room and hides away from her perspective. Vicky rushes over to free me moan in front of me I attempt to indicate her and communicate the threat along with my eyes, but it is too late since the strangler tip feet supporting her and bends the trim leather string around Vicky&severe;s throat. They fight and fight, but he is much too strong and soon bad Vixxx is outside cold with her head in my lap. I watch him bind her into a seat exactly the identical way he bound me and I’m fearful for our lives. He undresses Vicky and plays with her. When he’s finished with his pleasure, he attaches the rope round my throat through a overhead pulley and connects this to Vicky&severe;s legs. He repeats this with her and we shout and struggle in dread. Our fear sets in when we realize our legs will weaken and we’ll choke and strangle each other.


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