Ethan & Oscar 2011 Ethan Facials, Anal


Ethan is a great guy to spend time with. HeA is a calm, handsome boy-next door type. I love that he can be so sexy despite his humble demeanour. We decided to go outside and allow them to get to know one another before we fucked. Their bodies were amazing in the sunshine – there was muscle and abs all over! Both were enjoying themselves and were playful, both pre-sex. Ethan is taking salsa dancing classes! IA has been learning salsa dancing. IA’m learning the steps. He smiled and bounced on his feet. Some of his newly acquired skills were evident to me. He has had only two lessons, so it’s not like I have any criticism of his progress. Ethan is a bit dorky, but I still love him! Back inside, OscarA took OscarAA’s huge pole.

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