On your Birthday I’ll use a Laxative 2019 Staci BreastSmother, PubicHair


The sexy TS Mistress Staci lays back on the discipline bench, her legs raised in the air. She calls Staci a pathetic slave. After using the bathroom, she needs to be cleaned up. She tells him that his training is almost over and she won’t be going to the bathroom soon. He clearly takes a liking for his job and enjoys his slave’s genitalia, even though they are right in his face. HeaEUR(tm), she says, is a ball-licker and cock succker. Soon, however, there will be no toilet. Staci compliments him for his enthusiasm. She smiles at you and tells him to continue to lick his genitals while she rubs his hands on her feet. She tells him that aEURoeYouaEUR ™ is a horrible worm. He spends all day looking at her sch1t, she says. This clip gives you great views of Staci as well as the slaveaEUR ™, who is licking her genitals. Staci tells him that Staci uses the bathroom at least five times per day. Because she is so nimble, things go through her. HeaEUR(tm), you’re going to be a busy slave on the toilet! HeaEUR(tm), she tells her, will take large amounts of laxative as a treat for his birthday so that heaEUR ™ can have something on his cake. HeaEUR(tm), no matter how much, will only finish after sheaEUR(tm), has licked her clean. Staci makes the slave cover her mouth so that you can see how clean she is. He pretends to be a blowdryer and blows his arse until itaEUR ™. Staci puts her feet on his shoulders, and tells him that he can suck her cock. He is a basic toilet, she says. He is not allowed to see his family, and considers himself an object. He spends his day in darkness, and he is so excited when she says she needs to use the toilet. He finally gets out of his dark cage and can enjoy the pleasures of liking her, touching her skin, and tasting her food. Staci is very hard to please and the slave soon struggles with her. Staci begins to cum without warning. Staci pulls the slaveaEUR ™’s head back, and then shoots her hot load down his throat. He swallows and she examines his mouth for signs that he has. She says, “Back to my stomach, aEUR” and presses his head against her crack again. He is told that he will be locked up again for the night after a few more hours.

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